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Speaking engagements

Global political developments are taking on increased importance in today's world; changes can have immediate impacts on the economy, business, and the general public. We provide insight into what's happening and how it affects us all. Ian Bremmer and other top analysts at the firm frequently address high-level executive briefings, large conferences, and international summits.

For speaking inquiries for Ian Bremmer, please contact Kim Tran at [email protected]. For all other speakers, please contact Strahinja Matejic at [email protected].


Ian Bremmer

Founder and President
Ian Bremmer founded Eurasia Group in 1998. He is credited with bringing the craft of political risk to financial markets and establishing political risk as an academic discipline. The foreign affairs columnist for Time magazine and a best-selling author, he advises leading executives, money managers, diplomats, and heads of state.

Eurasia Group Global Macro Director Willis Sparks

Willis Sparks

Director, Global Macro
Willis Sparks is a thought leader within the firm on opportunities and risks created by political developments around the world. He is a speaker on market-moving trends in international politics for investor and corporate audiences.

Eurasia Group Chairman Cliff Kupchan

Cliff Kupchan

Cliff provides cutting-edge insights on political risk, focusing on implications for financial and corporate clients. He has been a leading expert on international relations for more than two decades—in the private sector, as a US official, and in academia. Cliff's speeches provide actionable viewpoints, often informed by first-hand experience.

Eurasia Group's Former Chairman, David Gordon

David Gordon

Former Chairman
David Gordon, who spent more than ten years working at the highest levels of US foreign and national security policy processes, provides clients with his perspective of US and global macro issues from Washington. Formerly the firm's chairman, he directed the research platform and helped steer the firm's analysis for several years.

Eurasia Group's Vice Chairman, Gerald Butts

Gerald Butts

Vice Chairman
As vice chairman and a senior advisor at Eurasia Group, Gerald works closely with CEO Maziar Minovi and President Ian Bremmer on strategic initiatives across all areas of the firm. With experience on a multitude of public policy and geopolitical issues, he has developed deep expertise on climate change, trade, energy, sustainable finance, and artificial intelligence and advises Eurasia Group clients across these areas.

Eurasia Group's Managing Director of Global Macro-Geoeconomics, Robert Kahn

Robert Kahn

Managing Director, Global Macro-Geoeconomics
Robert's research focuses on macroeconomic policies and the transmission of shocks throughout the global economy. For much of his career he has also studied the resolution of sovereign debt crises and financial distress, including the role of debt restructuring. 

Eurasia Group's Europe Managing Director Mujtaba Rahman

Mujtaba Rahman

Managing Director, Europe
Mujtaba (Mij) Rahman leads the firm's analysis on Europe, helping clients navigate the continent's ongoing refugee crisis, EU-Turkey dynamics, Brexit, bailout politics in Greece, European Central Bank politics and policy, and EU sanctions policy against Russia, to name a few recent issues.

Eurasia Group CEO Maziar Minovi

Maziar Minovi

Chief Executive Officer
Maziar directs firm strategy and leads oversight of Eurasia Group's research, sales, and operations teams. He has twenty-five years of experience investing in international and emerging markets and previously served as a senior member of the Investment Strategy Group at Goldman Sachs and head of the Emerging Markets Group at MassMutual/Babson Capital Management.

Eurasia Group Managing Director of the Americas, Christopher Garman

Christopher Garman

Managing Director for the Americas
Christopher Garman's research focuses on the politics of economic management in emerging markets, and he leads the firm's coverage of Brazil. He frequently writes articles for leading publications and makes television appearances on networks including CNN, CNBC, and the BBC.

Eurasia Group Africa Practice Head Amaka Anku

Amaka Anku

Practice Head, Africa
As head of the firm's Africa practice, Amaka helps clients understand the interaction of politics, policy, and markets across sub-Saharan Africa. She is a member of the firm's Global Macro practice, where she focuses on comparative global politics. Amaka is an adjunct professor at Georgetown's Walsh School of Foreign Service, and she teaches a graduate course on political risk analysis. She is also a term member at the Council on Foreign Relations. Amaka often appears on major TV networks and is frequently quoted in the world's leading newspapers.

Eurasia Group's Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability, Shari Friedman

Shari Friedman

Managing Director, Climate and Sustainability
Shari Friedman leads the firm's climate and sustainability coverage, focusing on environmental and social policies and on trends affecting energy companies, industrial production, retail, supply chains, technology companies, agribusiness, and financial institutions. Shari and her team work across regions and sectors to help clients understand evolving policies and how they will affect clients' businesses today and in the future.