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Our Values

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At Eurasia Group, our mission is to provide the tools and understanding needed in a world where politics drives disruption. We put politics first for our clients, and we aspire to be the leading place people come to find out about the world. This requires us to maintain a company culture that puts people first. We are committed to fostering an environment that is inclusive, empowering and globally-minded. We firmly believe that diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, cultural background, religion, disability and age brings ideas and perspectives to the table that make our analysis stronger for our clients and make our company a better place to work for our people. Our leadership team is committed to embedding diversity and inclusion into everything we do and how we lead.

Our Values

we are endlessly curious about how the world works. and doesn't.

independence and rigor define our work.

we're irreverent. authentic and direct but never mean.

we are intellectually fearless and creative for our clients and ourselves.

we care. a lot. about the work and the people who do it.

Our commitments to our clients:
Agenda-free point of view
We provide actionable analysis that is free of bias.

We stand firmly behind our views.

We build on our successes and learn from our mistakes to continually improve our product.

Transformational impact
We offer insights that deepen people's understanding of the market implications of politics, transforming the way they think about their most important decisions.