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Management consulting

Management consulting
Geopolitics has never been more meaningful to the way that markets, sectors, and companies perform. As leaders face critical decisions about how to grow businesses, cut costs, define future investment allocations, and leave or enter markets, geopolitics and the business environment are wild cards that can make or break a strategy. Often those decisions require deep expertise that in-house teams cannot build fast enough—or an external, independent perspective that can pinpoint overlooked risks and opportunities.
Focusing on in-depth engagements and leveraging dedicated project teams, Eurasia Group Consulting supports our clients to address a range of challenges at the intersection of politics and business, including:
  • Strategy development and planning: We work closely with clients to incorporate geopolitics into strategic plans and processes. From scenario planning that connects the dots between the external environment and tangible implications, to market sizing engagements that incorporate politics into quantifying opportunities.
  • Future trends and foresight: Management teams and boards face the challenging task of balancing present and future—between real-time performance and longer-term trends. We support our clients by leveraging our global network of experts and thought leaders to filter and prioritize future trends, identifying those that are not only novel but also relevant.
  • Deal support: International investors are increasingly finding that politics is at the core of overseas purchases and divestitures. We unpack factors in the political and business environment that impact deal feasibility and valuation, including foreign investor treatments, a target's operational environment, and repatriation risks.
  • Risk management and awareness: Corporate leadership and ERM committees are ever more aware that geopolitical risk is important, but often struggle with how to identify and measure the relevant risks. Eurasia Group helps clients tie specific external risks to performance drivers, and to develop individual metrics for continuously monitoring risk levels and deltas over time.