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GZERO Summits

The GZERO Summit is an annual series of global conferences that convene world leaders, policymakers, business executives, and experts to discuss pressing geopolitical issues and explore innovative solutions. The summit features interactive sessions on topics ranging from geopolitics, international relations, and global economics to sustainability, energy, and technology. It serves as a premier forum for high-level discussions on critical global challenges, providing a platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among diverse stakeholders to shape a more informed understanding of our GZERO world.  

Previous Japan Events:

Previous Latin America Summits:
  • 2023 GZERO Summit Latam
  • 2021 GZERO Summit Latam
  • 2020 GZERO Summit Latam

Private Roundtables 

Roundtables are exclusive, closed-door meetings that bring together a carefully chosen group of individuals based on their expertise or influence. Working in collaboration with clients, Eurasia Group designs these gatherings to provide a platform for in-depth exchanges of ideas and perspectives. The off-the-record nature of these discussions encourages candid conversations and fosters networking among participants, leading to valuable insights, recommendations, and collaborative efforts to address complex issues. 

Client Events

Eurasia Group client events offer an exclusive opportunity for clients to engage with Eurasia Group experts, gain insights on global affairs, and connect with like-minded professionals. These tailored gatherings bring together the Eurasia Group network around specific issues or subject areas, providing clients with in-depth briefings, interactive discussions, and one-on-one conversations with experts. These events enable clients to deepen their understanding of the complex geopolitical landscape, economic trends, and emerging risks, and explore potential opportunities and strategies for navigating the changing global environment. 

GZERO Media Livestreams

GZERO Media Livestreams offer a digital experience that provides access to exclusive events, discussions, and interviews covering a wide range of global topics, including politics, economics, and culture. With renowned experts and interactive Q&A sessions, livestreams offer in-depth insights and analysis in real-time.