Eurasia Group | Eurasia Group launches new Energy, Climate & Resources practice

Eurasia Group launches new Energy, Climate & Resources practice

2 March 2020

Gerald Butts, former principal secretary to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, joins as senior advisor

New York, 2 March – Eurasia Group is launching a new Energy, Climate & Resources practice that significantly expands on the issue areas covered by the Global Energy & Natural Resources practice, founded in 2006.

The transition of the energy system—from one fueled mostly by fossil fuels to one with a wider range of sources, including renewables—is the most significant development in the energy and natural resources sector in the past 50 years. As new energy technologies become cost-competitive with traditional ones, new business models are taking hold and new producer-consumer relationships are being established.

“The changes we are seeing in the energy sector are immense and inherently political,” said Ian Bremmer, founder and president of Eurasia Group. “As the sources, flows, and uses of energy change, so do the global and national politics that have been built around them. Understanding the political economy of the energy transition is essential for investors, companies, and governments to secure their future in the new world.”

To help our clients navigate the energy transition, we have added new capabilities, in addition to our coverage of traditional energy issues, including:
  • Deep expertise in the politics of climate change
  • A politics-first view of the move to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues into investment strategy and operations
  • A specific focus on the role of gas in the energy transition, particularly in Asia
We are also pleased to announce that Gerald Butts, former principal secretary to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, will be joining Eurasia Group as a senior advisor to help shape our expanded offering and advise our clients. Butts has successfully led Canadian and global organizations in the public and private sectors for 20 years and has developed deep expertise on climate change, trade, energy, sustainable finance, and artificial intelligence. Together with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, former Deputy Secretary-General of the UN and Chair of the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, the two will drive our coverage of sustainability issues at the Senior Advisor level.

The practice will continue to be led by Robert J. Johnston, managing director and former CEO of Eurasia Group. Rohitesh Dhawan, co-head of the firm's Europe, Middle East, and Africa business will spearhead regional, climate, and ESG subject matter coverage out of London, with Henning Gloystein covering global gas markets and Asian energy issues out of Singapore. Mikaela McQuade also joins the team to cover North American energy, climate, and sustainable finance issues based in DC, supported by Coco Zhang in New York.

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