Director, Global Energy & Natural Resources, and Head of Partnerships, egX

Rohitesh covers environmental and social sustainability issues at Eurasia Group and is a global macro strategist. In the sustainability realm, he analyzes how politics influences government and corporate action on social and environmental issues. His areas of focus include climate change policy and business strategy, natural capital accounting, energy transitions and pathways, and social investment programs, including corporate social responsibility. As a global strategist, he delivers keynote presentations and leads projects to explain the “so what” and “now what” of geopolitical change.
As head of alliances for Eurasia Group's egX team, Rohitesh leads the development of joint product offerings that leverage the strengths of Eurasia Group and its partners. He works with other professional services providers and technology companies to create the next generation of political risk solutions. Prior to joining Eurasia Group, Rohitesh spent over a decade at KPMG, where his roles included global head of geopolitics and head of sustainability services for the mining sector.
Rohitesh holds a master's degree in environmental change and management from the University of Oxford and a bachelor's degree in economics from Rhodes University in South Africa. He has served on the World Resources Institute's Technical Working Groups on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting and the National Business Initiative's Advisory Committee on Climate Change. He is a faculty member at the Africa Leadership Initiative, a board advisor to Self-Help Africa, and co-founder of Becoming X, a charity promoting the stories of the world's most iconic and inspirational people. Rohitesh enjoys exercise-induced suffering, particularly long-distance running.