Eurasia Group | Coronavirus: ¿Cuáles son los tres escenarios y sus consecuencias globales?

Coronavirus: ¿Cuáles son los tres escenarios y sus consecuencias globales?

11 March 2020
La firma de análisis de riesgo Eurasia Group está planteando tres escenarios para determinar el grado de irrupción político-económico que pueden producir los efectos del coronavirus. La discusión con Carlos Petersen, analista para América Latina de Eurasia Group.
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Eurasia Group Latin America Senior Analyst Carlos Petersen.
Carlos Petersen is a senior analyst covering Latin America. He has a deep understanding of the interaction between politics and economics in Mexico and the wider Latin American region and has closely monitored Mexico's reform process, helping clients better understand changes to the energy, telecommunications, and financial sectors that have opened new opportunities for private enterprises. He has likewise analyzed the country's economic policy and electoral processes, as well as the difficulties facing sta