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Corporate Partnerships

Eurasia Group and KPMG International have teamed up to develop solutions that help businesses deal with geopolitical challenges in an uncertain world.
Geopolitical risk is at the top of boardroom agendas, with the KPMG CEO Outlook 2017 reporting that three in four CEOs are spending much more time on scenario planning to plot a course through today's shifting climate. In the face of an increasingly volatile, unpredictable and disruptive geopolitical environment, CEOs are questioning how a changing global political order will influence their operations and what they need to do next. The CEO must take on the role of Chief Geopolitical Officer to lead their organization to success in turbulent times.

To better equip businesses for these challenges, and manage these changes, Eurasia Group and KPMG International have joined forces. By combining our political and business analytical capabilities, we can identify the 'now what' of geopolitics for our clients' business.

For more information about how Eurasia Group and KPMG can jointly help your business with solutions in areas such as performing a geopolitical audit, please email Caitlin Dean at [email protected]