Eurasia Group | Sigmar Gabriel, Former Vice Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, joins Eurasia Group as Senior Advisor

Sigmar Gabriel, Former Vice Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, joins Eurasia Group as Senior Advisor

12 November 2019

NEW YORK – Eurasia Group is proud to welcome The Honorable Sigmar Gabriel, former vice chancellor of Germany, as a senior advisor to the firm. An expert on European affairs, Gabriel will work with Eurasia Group to provide insights on the region's rapidly changing political landscape.
“Sigmar has worked at the highest levels of German government and is a key player in European and global affairs,” said Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group's president. “I've learned much from Sigmar over the years.  The knowledge and perspective he brings will be indispensable for Eurasia Group's clients as they navigate a European and global environment in geopolitical recession.”
Gabriel served as vice chancellor of Germany under Angela Merkel from 2013-2018. Before his election to the German parliament in 2005, he served as the prime minister of Lower Saxony. He subsequently held the cabinet positions of environmental minister (2005-2009), economy and energy minister (2013-2017), and minister of foreign affairs (2017-2018).
“I am excited to partner with Eurasia Group, the global leader in political risk analysis,” said Gabriel. “I look forward to using my first-hand experience to advise clients on operating in the current challenging geopolitical environment.”
In addition to his work with Eurasia Group, Gabriel currently serves on the board of directors of the International Crisis Group and is the chairman of Atlantik-Brücke. He is also senior fellow at Harvard University's Center for European Studies and teaches European politics at the University of Bonn. (Full bio).

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