Eurasia Group | Foreign Affairs Expert Robert D. Kaplan joins Eurasia Group as Senior Advisor  

Foreign Affairs Expert Robert D. Kaplan joins Eurasia Group as Senior Advisor

10 January 2017

NEW YORK, 10 January — Eurasia Group is proud to welcome Robert D. Kaplan as a senior advisor to the firm. An expert on global affairs, Kaplan will partner with Eurasia Group to offer strategic insight into the role of the historical, political, and cultural drivers of modern day geopolitics and how they affect investors and executives doing business around the world.
“Robert D. Kaplan is one of the foremost global thinkers on the intersection of culture and geography,” said Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group's president. “The breadth and depth of his knowledge will be particularly valuable to Eurasia Group's clients in this time of great geopolitical uncertainty.”
Kaplan is the bestselling author of seventeen books on foreign affairs and travel translated into many languages, including In Europe's Shadow, Asia's Cauldron, The Revenge of Geography, Monsoon, Balkan Ghosts, and Eastward to Tartary. In addition to his work with Eurasia Group, Kaplan is a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security in Washington and a contributing editor at The Atlantic, where his work has appeared for three decades. Previously, he was chief geopolitical analyst at Stratfor, a visiting professor at the United States Naval Academy, and a member of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, appointed by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Foreign Policy magazine twice named him one of the world's “Top 100 Global Thinkers.” (Full bio)
"I am excited about joining Eurasia Group, whose reputation for political analysis is unsurpassed around the world," Kaplan said.
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