Eurasia Group | Eurasia Group launches egX, a next-generation platform business for geopolitics

Eurasia Group launches egX, a next-generation platform business for geopolitics

5 April 2018

NEW YORK, 5 April—Eurasia Group is proud to launch egX, a new platform business that develops innovative approaches to the world's biggest global political challenges. With this addition to the Eurasia Group suite, the firm provides an integrated universe of offerings that combine best-in-class political risk analysis with the cutting-edge tools and services required to achieve success in today's complex world.
“When I founded Eurasia Group 20 years ago, I had to convince firms and investors that politics mattered,” said Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group. “Now firms are looking for tailored tools and cross-industry approaches to managing global challenges. With the launch of egX, Eurasia Group draws on the best offerings in the political risk community to do just that.”

egX is a platform to build on Eurasia Group's reputation for “applied geopolitics.” It combines in-house expertise with the specialty skills of curated partner firms to expand the universe of political risk solutions. For instance, to help firms improve their ability to make forecasts, egX will partner with Good Judgment Inc. to combine superforecasting methodologies co-developed by Philip Tetlock with our knowledge of the global geopolitical landscape. To help asset managers identify opportunities in the current complex geopolitical environment, egX is working with top technology firms to develop algorithmically driven forecasting tools and proprietary investment signals. To train the next generation of global leaders, egX will deploy Eurasia Group's proprietary executive education programs through university and digital partnerships around the globe.
Beyond these partnerships, the egX platform offers investors and corporations a range of data-driven tools and views on geopolitics that are thematic, succinct, and have immediate practical applications. egX will also oversee Eurasia Group's investment partnerships, corporate alliances, and speaking services.
Sean West, CEO of egX, says, “The world is moving too fast for a static approach to managing geopolitical challenges. Using our knowledge of the industry, egX convenes the resources and experts to solve the thorniest global questions through pathbreaking approaches.”
For more information, please visit or contact Erina Aoyama at [email protected].
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