Why Goldman Sachs says the current trade war could lead to a recession

12 August 2019

Goldman Sachs economists say that the US-China trade war is going to have larger impact than expected. Goldman no longer expects a trade deal to be reached before the 2020 presidential election. Michael Hirson, Eurasia Group's China and Northeast Asia practice head, sits down with Yahoo Finance's Adam Shapiro, Julie Hyman, Brian Sozzi, and Emily McCormick to discuss.
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Eurasia Group China and Northeast Asia Practice Head Michael Hirson.
Michael Hirson leads Eurasia Group's coverage of China, with a focus on macroeconomic and financial policies, economic reforms, and political developments affecting foreign firms and investors. Prior to joining the firm, Michael served three years as US Treasury's chief representative in Beijing, engaging with China's government and the private sector on a broad set of macroeconomic, financial, and investment issues.