Eurasia Group | China's Long Game: A Chat with Robert Kaplan

China's Long Game: A Chat with Robert Kaplan

Eurasia Live
29 June 2017
One belt One road: China's long game

Shailesh Kumar and Robert Kaplan discuss perhaps China's most ambitious project - One Belt One Road. Will this plan secure China's end goal? What will be the geopolitical consequences? Shailesh and Robert break it down for you.

This piece was originally published on Eurasia Group's Facebook page.
Shailesh Kumar analyzes political and economic risks and developments in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. He closely follows the Indian government's economic, security, and foreign policies, as well as its relations with the US and immediate neighbors. He evaluates India's monetary and fiscal policies, capital markets developments, and the broader reform agenda, and also monitors India's central and state politics and their implications for one another.