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Top Risks 2019

More likely, and despite increasingly worrisome headlines, 2019 is poised to be a reasonably good year. Even, dare we say it, not a particularly politically risky year. But we're setting ourselves up for trouble down the road. Big trouble. And that's our top risk.

Baidu's Apollo autonomous vehicle during a public road test for self-driving vehicles in Beijing. REUTERS.

Chinese AV ambitions at risk amid trade war

China is betting big on autonomous vehicles (AV). But without a resolution of the tech cold war with the United States, the successful rollout of Beijing's next-generation 5G network—and its goals for its domestic AV sector—may be delayed or even derailed.

The Geo-Technology team details China's efforts to accelerate AV development, describing how the escalating US-China tech cold war threaten to disrupt its ambitions.

After the G-Zero

The global order that prevailed since the end of the Second World War has hit its limits. The result: a G-Zero world characterized by a growing vacuum in global governance.

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