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Top Risks 2017

This year marks the most volatile political risk environment in the postwar period, at least as important to global markets as the economic recession of 2008.  


Iraq After ISIS

Mosul has been freed. But Iraqi government's next steps are far from clear.
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What Russia, Germany, and India Have in Common

The underrated power of social cohesion.  

Treading Lightly: Trump, Xi, and the G20

Global hype reached a fever pitch around President Trump's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This Week's Signal

Next generation leaders, Prime Minister Corbyn, another chapter in Venezuela, trade deals and tee-shirt cannons

After the G-Zero

The global order that prevailed since the end of the Second World War has hit its limits. The result: a G-Zero world characterized by a growing vacuum in global governance.

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Donald Trump and Moon Jae-In: What You Need to Know

President Donald Trump welcomes South Korea President Moon Jae-In to the White House, what will their meeting hold for the region and US interests? 

World in 60 Seconds

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