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Top Risks 2020

Top Risks 2020

2020 is a tipping point. We've lived with growing levels of geopolitical risk for nearly a decade, but without a true international crisis. Outside of geopolitics, global trends have been strongly favorable. That's now changing.

Eurasia Group and Vontobel white paper on the next digital superpower

The Next Digital Superpower

The coming decade will be a turning point for the global economy. The US is debating how and whether to try to maintain its global leadership role. China is leveraging its economic strength to reshape existing international institutions, as well as to extend its influence in ways that shift the global balance of political and economic power. The EU is struggling to hold itself, and its place in the international system, together.

This paper is intended to help readers better understand the drivers behind these critical relationships and their potential implications for the global economy over the next five years.

After the G-Zero

The global order that prevailed since the end of the Second World War has hit its limits. The result: a G-Zero world characterized by a growing vacuum in global governance.

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