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Director, Global Macro-Geoeconomics


Global Macro-Geoeconomics

Jens is part of the firm's Macro-Geoeconomics team, working at the intersection of politics, economics, and markets. Over his career, he has built extensive experience in macroeconomics, economic policy, and financial markets. Recent topics of interest include the long-term impact of the Covid crisis, changing global supply chains, evolving macro policy regimes, and the economics of climate change.

Prior to joining Eurasia Group, Jens worked as a macro strategist at Wellington Management and as managing director and chief European economist at Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets. In his public sector career, he spent more than a decade at the Bank of England, working mostly on monetary policy issues. In his last role there, Jens led the Macro Financial Analysis Division, providing financial market analysis to the Monetary Policy Committee during the global financial crisis. He also served as alternate executive director for the UK at the IMF in Washington, DC. Jens has a bachelor's degree from the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and master's and doctorate degrees from the University of Southampton, UK, all in economics.