Eurasia Group | Alexander Kliment


Director of Content, GZERO Media

Alexander Kliment is director of content at GZERO Media, Eurasia Group's global politics oriented independent media spinoff. He is also senior editor of the global politics newsletter and directs Puppet Regime, GZERO's political satire puppet series.
Prior to Alexander's current role, he was Eurasia Group's director of global research for corporates, leading a team of analysts assessing political risk at the global, country, and sectoral levels for multinational corporations and institutions. Alexander first joined Eurasia Group as a specialist on Russia and the post-Soviet states, and he later co-founded the firm's Emerging Markets Strategy practice.
Before joining Eurasia Group, Alexander worked as a journalist for The Financial Times in Washington, DC, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a fluent speaker of Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.