Eurasia Group | Erik Fish


Director, Client Services

As director of the San Francisco office, Erik Fish works with corporate clients to develop geopolitical advisory and consulting engagements with Eurasia Group. With more than 15 years of experience in Silicon Valley, he understands the role that politics plays for technology companies seeking strategic growth opportunities. When clients are facing potential challenges and risks in existing markets, the focus is on developing mitigation plans and strategies, as well as ongoing value creation.  

Prior to joining Eurasia Group, Erik's achievements included advising a Fortune 20 tech company on market-entry strategies and for India and Southeast Asia; designing a strategic executive education series for a Fortune 500 tech company; creating a political risk advisory framework for a Fortune 50 client with significant exposure in China; and designing an advisory program to identify and evaluate European acquisition opportunities for an electronics component manufacturer. A California native with Iowa roots and a bachelor's degree in history from St. Olaf College, Erik once served as precinct captain in the Iowa Caucuses, and handily won the precinct for his candidate (who then lost everywhere else). Erik now limits his direct involvement to local issues, including dyslexia advocacy, coaching youth soccer, and skiing with his family.