Eurasia Group | Rick Waters, former top China policy official at US State Department, joins Eurasia Group

Rick Waters, former top China policy official at US State Department, joins Eurasia Group

Eurasia Group
1 August 2023

New York, 1 August 2023 – Eurasia Group, the world's leading global political risk research and consulting firm, is proud to welcome Rick Waters as Managing Director, China. Based in Washington, DC, Waters joins Eurasia Group after a 27-year career at the US State Department where he most recently served as a top China policy official.

“Tensions over trade, tech and Taiwan are causing our clients to ask questions like, how risk tolerant is President Xi in asserting dominance in the South China Sea? Do policymakers give him the true picture of China's economic fragilities? How will they react to a more aggressive US trade policy?” said Maziar Minovi, CEO of Eurasia Group. “That's where Rick comes in, bringing something new and inimitable to the table. His deep analytical understanding of the issues and hands-on experience negotiating with Chinese authorities will help our clients grasp the complexities of China's relationship with the world.”

As first China Coordinator at the State Department, Waters' acumen and diplomacy were critical in advancing US policy on China. He oversaw the creation of the Office of China Coordination, informally known as China House, and served concurrently as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of China and Taiwan.

Waters held key roles at the US Embassy in Beijing during particularly challenging times, such as the accidental US bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999 and the Hainan Island incident in 2001. Fluent in Mandarin and Spanish and proficient in Arabic, Waters has over a decade of experience working on key Middle East issues, including his role as Director for Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Palestinian Affairs at the National Security Council.

“Rick brings a unique combination of real-world familiarity, insight, and leadership that will have an immediate impact in helping our clients understand a world in which politics drives disruption,” said Jon Lieber, Head of Research at Eurasia Group. “He's joining the firm at an exciting time as we continue to invest in our abilities to stay on top of an increasingly complex and challenging geopolitical environment. Rick will be integral to our growth and analysis of the investing environment in China and beyond.”

Waters' appointment is effective August 1. Find his full bio here. Please direct media inquiries to [email protected].


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