Eurasia Group | Portfolio/Penguin publishes What's Next: Essays on Geopolitics That Matter 

Portfolio/Penguin publishes What's Next: Essays on Geopolitics That Matter 

12 November 2012

In the last four years, the world has suffered a financial market meltdown and subsequent global recession. The eurozone crisis lumbers on, the Middle East is in turmoil, and a shifting power balance between emerging markets and developed economies is reordering the global economy as a whole. Facing these new challenges, what will the future hold?

In What's Next: Essays on Geopolitics That Matter, an electronic book published by Portfolio/Penguin, Ian Bremmer and Douglas Rediker, together with experts, analysts, and many of their colleagues from the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Geopolitical Risk, analyze these issues and provide a template to understand how they will change our world in the next few years. The authors examine, among other topics: 

� The risks to the International Monetary Fund
� Russia's future
� The roles of emerging markets 
� The political roots of the eurozone crisis 
� Important trends and tensions in Asia-Pacific 
� The rise of regionalism in the wake of fracturing international governance 

Now, more than ever before, political and economic challenges intertwine as the demands of local politics and global business grow increasingly complex and begin to conflict in new ways. 

As Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum wrote in the foreword, "We can say with certainty that political risk has returned with a vengeance. How we address the system's failings of today will shape the world order of tomorrow�this collection of essays is an attempt to gather the most pressing political risks we face 'under one roof'."

Ian Bremmer, Douglas Rediker, and several of the authors, are gathered this week in Dubai at the World Economic Forum's Summit on the Global Agenda to discuss these issues and trends. What's Next provides guidance on how to understand some of the key dynamics in the rapidly evolving global game.

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