Eurasia Group | Ian Bremmer says the Trump presidency will push the world further into geopolitical recession

Ian Bremmer says the Trump presidency will push the world further into geopolitical recession

9 November 2016

With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, “the world is heading into a profound (and longer term) geopolitical recession,” according to Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group. “A Trump presidency means the most significant hit to American power and leadership globally than any other event since the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

Eurasia Group is anticipating a peaceful transition to a Trump administration, but Washington in 2017 will be a sea change from the Obama era. According to chairman Cliff Kupchan and U.S. director Jon Lieber in a note today, “The Trump foreign policy will be a major source of market anxiety and geopolitical instability. The GOP as we knew it is over. The party will be completely reshaped by Trump's electoral victory.”

The Trump administration will create a new class of winners and losers worldwide. Here is how the key players will fare:

Said Bremmer, “There are three aspects of American leadership that will be affected by the Trump administration and the growing geopolitical recession: the United States' role as world policeman, architect of global trade, and cheerleader of global values.”
Ian Bremmer will be sharing his views and taking questions LIVE on Facebook today at 5pm EST at
You can also find his latest article on the Trump presidency here.

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