Eurasia Group | Ian Bremmer delivers annual State of the World speech about Covid-19: The Great Accelerator of Massive Changes

Ian Bremmer delivers annual State of the World speech about Covid-19: The Great Accelerator of Massive Changes

8 December 2020

TOKYO, 8 December 2020 – Ian Bremmer's highly anticipated speech about the “State of the World” focuses on how the Covid-19 pandemic, the greatest global crisis since World War II, has accelerated a series of massive global changes, which were already underway but led to disruptions that have only accelerated. These changes include increasing inequality, threats to democratic legitimacy, the erosion of international institutions, massive technological disruption, and the seeds of improvement for climate issues as demand for fossil fuels wanes.

Central to these changes is deepening competition between China and the United States. Covid-19 has accelerated perceptions that China is the indispensable economic partner, but it has also accelerated suspicions of China's plans to gain more influence on the world stage. But China's effectiveness in quashing the pandemic that began within its borders contrasts starkly with the US, which has endured more pandemic-related deaths than any other nation. The US also remains bitterly divided politically, with President Trump refusing to concede his bid for re-election.

Some other key points from the speech:
  • Technology is a future weapon. Anyone who can credibly threaten to shut down 5G infrastructure will have huge leverage within the international system.
  • Technology is also redefining national security away from conventional and nuclear military capabilities toward cyber/information warfare capacity. That will level the playing field between the US and China, make Russia a marginal power, and persuade these actors to rethink their alliances.
You can view a video of Bremmer's speech on GZERO Media's website. You can also read a transcript of the speech in both English and Japanese.

Bremmer's speech marks the traditional kick-off for Eurasia Group's annual GZERO Summit, which traditionally takes place in Tokyo. This year's event, which is virtual, features several prominent speakers. Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide of Japan will deliver welcoming remarks. Panel speakers include former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, former Google CEO and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Gates Foundation Policy & Advocacy President Gargee Ghosh, SONY CEO Yoshida Kenichiro, and PwC International Chairman Bob Moritz. Dozens of other influential leaders are expected to take part in the GZERO Summit's key forums. You can read more about the key discussions and panelists at

The 2020 edition of the GZERO Summit is supported by several notable organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Keidanren – Japan Business Federation, Pfizer, Suntory, PwC Japan Group, and Yomiuri Newspaper.


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