Eurasia Group | GZERO Media to launch a weekly edition by Ian Bremmer of the rebranded GZERO Daily newsletter

GZERO Media to launch a weekly edition by Ian Bremmer of the rebranded GZERO Daily newsletter

Eurasia Group and GZERO Media
1 February 2023

New York, 1 February 2023 – GZERO Media is launching a Wednesday evening edition by Ian Bremmer of GZERO Daily, the widely read daily newsletter on geopolitics formerly known as Signal.
GZERO Daily by Ian Bremmer will be sent to GZERO Daily subscribers every Wednesday at 4 pm ET and will feature Bremmer's world-renowned insight and witty observations on politics, risk, and global trends. Five additional morning editions of the newsletter will include reader favorites like Quick Takes and Hard Numbers, as well as original content from the GZERO team.

“I know you can't believe it. But it's true,” said Ian Bremmer. “It's my own weekly edition of the GZERO Daily newsletter. Honest, fair analysis (or whatever I think that is), delivered to your inbox … for free. Even inflation adjusted, that's a deal.”

This premium new edition of GZERO Daily builds on GZERO's established and growing presence in digital and broadcast media, as well as in the event space. Ian Bremmer's award-winning national television program GZERO World airs on PBS (check local listings). GZERO World can also be streamed at GZERO Media has also held several international summits, convening top political and corporate thought leaders from around the world to discuss the most important issues affecting global business. The GZERO Daily newsletter expansion and name change will grow the GZERO brand in new areas and increase its reach and coverage.

“With the exciting launch of Ian's new edition, the name change, and the rebrand, GZERO Media begins a new chapter of growth with more product launches to come,” says GZERO Media Publisher Evan Solomon. “At GZERO Media, everything is political, so we cover elections and policy, but we also cover sports, tech, and climate. We don't just follow politics, because you miss too much that way. We follow the events that will soon drive the political agenda. Our goal is to be first in perspective, fearless, non-partisan and friendly. Ian's extraordinary new edition is a great kick off.”

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About GZERO Media

GZERO Media has a mission to provide the public with intelligent and engaging coverage of global affairs. It was created in 2017 as a subsidiary of Eurasia Group, the world's leading political risk analysis firm. In addition to producing the national public television program GZERO World with Ian Bremmer and its companion podcast, GZERO Media publishes the newsletter GZERO Daily, as well as digital news stories at and across social media channels.

About Eurasia Group

Eurasia Group is the world's leading global political risk company. Its expertise includes developed and developing countries in every region of the world, specific economic sectors, and the business and investment playing fields of the future. With best-in-class advisory and consulting offerings, in addition to GZERO Media, the Eurasia Group umbrella provides the marketplace with a complete political risk solution. "Politics first” grounds the firm's work: It is the lens through which Eurasia Group views the world, shaping analysis that is free of political bias and the influence of private interests.