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GZERO Media exclusive: interview with Justin Trudeau

26 September 2019

26 September, New York – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke exclusively with GZERO Media in a wide-ranging interview as he finds himself in a close race to retain his leadership of the country. In the in-depth conversation, Ian Bremmer and the prime minister discuss topics including climate, trade, immigration, and SNC Lavalin.

In a follow up to the interview, which was conducted in Ottawa earlier this month, Prime Minister Trudeau shared an exclusive statement in response to the recently surfaced images of him in blackface and brownface:

“Actions speak louder than words. I know that my actions in the past have been hurtful to people and for that I'm deeply sorry. Our government has acted to fight discrimination and racism consistently over our first term, and if we earn the right to govern Canada again, we'll move forward to fight racism and discrimination in our next term.”

The complete, exclusive interview is featured in the latest episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer, which airs nationwide on US public television Fridays beginning at 11am ET (check local listings).

Previews of the interview can be viewed now at The full interview will be published on Monday, 30 September at 10am ET.

Their conversation is also the basis of the latest cover story of TIME Magazine's international edition, written by Ian Bremmer, about Trudeau's battle to defend his globalist agenda as populism rises abroad.

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