Eurasia Group | Eurasia Group responds to rising demand for political risk services in Europe

Eurasia Group responds to rising demand for political risk services in Europe

09 February 2015

In the face of rising demand for political risk services in Europe, Eurasia Group is expanding its London-based operation. Sean West, the firm's Deputy CEO, has relocated and assumed leadership of the office, and will drive an expansion of the firm's European business.

"Eurasia Group recently named the Politics of Europe the top risk for 2015. We're moving aggressively to meet new appetite from UK and European firms for insight about how politics impacts their global investments and operations," said Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group Founder and President.

Sean West has been the firm's Deputy CEO since 2013. He is a noted expert on the intersection of US political events and global business conditions, and has led Eurasia Group's coverage of US political risk since 2008.

"With geopolitical tensions to the east, the specter of Eurozone and European Union exits, and rising social tensions at home, European firms need new solutions to manage risk and seize global opportunities. We're here to help them navigate an increasingly complex world with a host of new service offerings in 2015," said West.

Eurasia Group has served UK and European based clients out of its London office since 2006. The firm leverages a platform of over 50 full-time analysts and a network of hundreds of global contributors to provide its clients with real-time analysis of how political events impact business in every corner of the globe. Eurasia Group is proud to now showcase full-time analysts covering every single region of the world based out of London.

Eurasia Group's London office is located at 31 Great Sutton Street, EC1V 0NA, +44 (0)20 7553 9820.