Eurasia Group | Eurasia Group launches the GeoCyber Risk Index

Eurasia Group launches the GeoCyber Risk Index

3 December 2015

NEW YORK, 3 December, 2015 - As cyber risks increasingly challenge the global economy, Eurasia Group is uniquely positioned to offer insight on this evolving landscape for corporate executives and investors. Eurasia Group is proud to announce the launch of a new and innovative product, the GeoCyber Risk Index.

Global institutions are attacked on a daily basis, and the weaponization of code keeps decision-makers up at night.

"The potential for real damage on a personal or systemic level is frightening," said Eurasia Group Senior Advisor, Alec Ross. "Whether motivated by politics of profits or mayhem, the cost of cyberattacks has now eclipsed $400 billion a year. Cyber has grown into such a mission-critical function that today's corporate decision makers must be able to identify and assess their exposure in an evolving global environment."

The GeoCyber Risk Index is the flagship product of our expanded expertise and services created to specifically address the intersection of cyber security and political risk. Through a collaboration with the experts at Intelligent Cyber Research, the Eurasia Group GeoCyber Risk Index arms companies across sectors with the insights they need to operate in a digital and geopolitically volatile world.

- The GeoCyber Risk Index allows decision-makers to make operational risk assessments pertaining to their cyber exposure in 40+ developed, emerging, and frontier markets, accounting for more than 85% of global GDP.
- It highlights specific dimensions of cyber risk faced by businesses - drawing out clear implications for policy making, capital allocation, and vulnerabilities.
- The product's advanced data visualizations and qualitative insights help business leaders and risk managers stay on top of key metrics and ahead of inflection points in their priority countries.

"We developed this Index and are expanding our capabilities in response to demand from clients and the marketplace for a tool to help anticipate threats to their business operations," said Ian Bremmer, President of Eurasia Group. "The GeoCyber Risk Index will equip clients to make better decisions in a challenging global landscape."

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