Eurasia Group | Diana Fox Carney, Climate Policy Expert, Joins Eurasia Group as Senior Advisor

Diana Fox Carney, Climate Policy Expert, Joins Eurasia Group as Senior Advisor

NEW YORK, 3 May 2021—Eurasia Group, the world's leading political risk research and consulting firm, is pleased to announce that Diana Fox Carney, a widely respected expert on global climate and energy policy, will be joining as a senior advisor. At Eurasia Group, Fox Carney will work closely with Vice Chairman Gerald Butts, who helped negotiate the Paris Climate Agreement, to bolster the firm's growing climate and energy practice. By adding Fox Carney's extensive climate background to Eurasia Group's geopolitical expertise, Fox Carney will strengthen the firm's ability to partner with clients on issues that are at the cutting edge of sustainability policy and to help them navigate these profound changes.

“Diana is known globally for her talents of making practical sense of complex climate matters, issues that frequently intersect with economics and technology,” said Maziar Minovi, Eurasia Group's CEO. “Diana's ability to distill and communicate these multi-faceted topics, and do so in actionable ways, will make her especially valuable to Eurasia Group clients, who are increasingly thinking about how to capitalize on opportunities that reverse the harmful effects of global warming.”

Fox Carney comes to Eurasia Group after many years of climate policy work at think tanks in Canada and the UK. Most recently, she served as the executive director of Pi Capital, the leading content-based membership organization in the UK. Her professional experience prior to Pi Capital ranges from agricultural research in Africa to assessing new and advanced energy technologies. In particular, Fox Carney has helped develop frameworks for thinking about getting to “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions, the role negative emissions will play in this effort, and how capital can be channeled to the right companies.

“The compelling logic behind climate action is finally being recognized after many years of neglect,” said Fox Carney. “As we enter a new era, opportunities abound. Yet companies and investors face a new challenge: how to accelerate action in unfamiliar spaces and do so within a very short period of time. Finding ways to ease this transition is why I'm delighted to join Eurasia Group, where I hope to build on the firm's unique ability to add both informed insight and practical value.”

Besides advising clients, Fox Carney will assume a prominent role at Eurasia Group's events, where she will serve as a moderator and expert. Fox Carney graduated from Oxford University and holds master's degrees in agricultural economics and international relations from Oxford and the University of Pennsylvania, respectively. She is based in Ottawa, Canada.


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