Eurasia Group | Amund Vik, former Norwegian deputy energy minister, joins Eurasia Group as senior advisor

Amund Vik, former Norwegian deputy energy minister, joins Eurasia Group as senior advisor

Eurasia Group
7 September 2023

New York, 7 September 2023 – Eurasia Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Amund Vik as a senior advisor. Vik served as state secretary—equivalent to deputy minister—in the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy from 2021 to June 2023. Drawing on his years of experience in politics and the energy field, Vik will advise the firm on Europe's energy transition, European geopolitics, and more.

Prior to his role as state secretary, Vik worked for the Norwegian Labour Party. Beginning in 2010, he first served as a political advisor in the parliamentary group before becoming head of strategy and policy for the party. Vik has also worked as a consultant for Nordic Energy Research.

“Amund brings a depth and passion for the energy conversation to Eurasia Group's offerings in this area,” said vice chairman Gerald Butts. “We're delighted to welcome him on board to advise our team and clients on a topic that is only going to become more pressing in the future.”

“Amund was at the forefront of Norway's energy policy-setting when the Russia-Ukraine war started and brings unparalleled expertise and understanding of the European energy policy landscape,” said Rachel Gangji, managing director of global markets at the firm. “Eurasia Group's clients in Europe and beyond will benefit immensely from his insights and deep understanding of the complexities of energy markets and the outlook for energy transition.”
Vik's appointment is effective from 1 September, and he will be based in Oslo.

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