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The Next Digital Superpower

25 September 2019
The Next Digital Superpower
The coming decade will be a turning point for the global economy. The US is debating how and whether to try to maintain its global leadership role, a trend both illustrated and exacerbated by President Donald Trump's administration. China, under the leadership of Xi Jinping, is leveraging its economic strength to reshape and in some cases compete with existing international institutions, as well as to extend its influence in ways that shift the global balance of political and economic power. The EU is struggling to hold itself, and its place in the international system, together. How these three powerful entities interact with the world and one another will define the trajectory of the rest of the century, with far-reaching repercussions for business, technology, trade, finance, and every other aspect of our globalized world as we know it today.

This paper is intended to help readers better understand the drivers behind these critical relationships and their potential implications for the global economy over the next five years.

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