Eurasia Group | Top Risks 2023: Implications for Japan

Implications for Japan

Eurasia Group's Top Risks of 2023
Top Risks is Eurasia Group's annual forecast of the political risks that are most likely to play out over the course of the year. This year's report was published on 3 January 2023.

Last year was one of big risks, but this year could match or exceed it. Eurasia Group's Top Risks 2023 report examines what to expect not only from key state actors (such as China, Russia, and the EU) but also from the big issues (including technology, development, and environment).

Some of the risks identified will concern Japan more than others. Risk #2, Maximum Xi, which analyzes the consequences of Chinese President Xi Jinping's tightening grip on power, looms largest for Japan. Other risks related to Russia, inflation, and energy also stand out for this island nation, heavily dependent on international trade and its alliance with the US. But Japan has proved throughout its history that it is—if anything—a resilient nation able to face new risks.

Here are some of the key takeaways for Japan. For the full list of top 10 global risks this year, please see Eurasia Group's Top Risks of 2023.