Eurasia Group directors and analysts are sought-after speakers for large conferences, intimate meetings, and lectures at universities and policy organizations. Experts on international political developments, our speakers engage audiences with their provocative macro views, on-the-ground anecdotes, and tailored insights. They frequently appear at keynote presentations, high-level executive briefings, and panel discussions.


Geopolitical risks and the world at large

Our global macro speakers highlight emerging political risks and trends around the globe, and explain the implications for companies, investors, and policymakers. Speech topics include:

» Global Politics: Emerging Risks and Hotspots

» The Rise of State Capitalism

» Managing Risk in an Unstable World

» The Power of Political Knowledge for Strategic Investing

» The Rise of the Different: Why the Global Order Doesn’t Work--and What We Can Do About It

» The International Political Environment: Opportunities and Risks for Global Firms

Regional trends and hot topics

Our regional and topical experts address political, economic, social, and security developments in specific countries. They can also explore various sectors and other areas of interest. Speech topics include:

» China, India, and Beyond: The Opportunities and Pitfalls of Asian Growth

» The United States: A New Era of Political Risk

» Europe: The End of Convergence

» Energy and Commodities: Political Drivers for the Next Growth Cycle

» The Politics of Global Energy

Please contact us to discuss additional speech topics and ideas. We'll work with you to find the speaker who best suits your needs.


Global macro speakers

Ian Bremmer, President

Willis Sparks, Director, Global Macro Analysis

Regional experts

Christopher Garman, Director, Latin America

Robert Johnston, Director, Global Energy and Natural Resources

David Sloan, Director, Asia

Sean West, Director, United States

For more topic ideas and speaker bios, please see our full list of analysts.