The New Cold War on Business

For the cover of Fortune Magazine, Ian Bremmer writes about the political risks for Western firms doing business in Russia and China. Read the article

Former Brookings Fellow Erica Downs Joins Eurasia Group as Senior Analyst on China

Eurasia Group is pleased to announce that Erica Downs has joined the firm's China practice as a senior analyst. Based in Washington, Erica will focus on China's politics and economy, with a particular emphasis on the energy sector. She will also follow its overseas investment, lending, and the geopolitical implications of its international commercial activities. Read the press release

Global Risks to the Energy Market

Speaking with BNN Business PM, Robert Johnston discusses the impact of ISIS-Iraq, Iran, and Russia-Ukraine on energy markets. Watch the interview

Treacherous Triangle: China, Russia, the United States, and the New Superpower Showdown

Writing for Foreign Affairs, David Gordon and Jordan Schneider discuss the re-emergence of the US-Russia-China triangular relations. Read the article

Demographics and Middle East Peace Collide

Writing in The National Interest, Mark Rosenberg analyzes how demographics have framed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Read the article

Top Risks of 2014

Top Risks of 2014 This report identifies the key geopolitical areas to keep an eye on for global investors, business leaders, and market participants. The major risks to watch this year include America's troubled alliances, diverging markets, the new China, petrostates and strategic data. Read the report

Ian Bremmer: 5 Stats that Explained the World This Week

Ian Bremmer: 5 Stats that Explained the World This Week Ian Bremmer shares five weekly data points that provide a glimpse into global trends, political dangers and international dynamics. Read the article

China: Superpower or Super Bust?

China: Superpower or Super Bust? China is the major economy least likely to develop along a predictable path. For the National Interest, Ian Bremmer writes on the US-China relationship and China's highly uncertain - and highly impactful future. Read the article

Every Nation for Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World

Every Nation for Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World Now available in paperback, Ian Bremmer's book illustrates a historic shift in the international system and the world economy and an unprecedented moment of global uncertainty. The G-Zero, a leaderless world of every nation for itself, will undermine our ability to keep the peace, expand opportunity, and feed growing populations. Visit the website