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Meredith Sumpter discusses the Philippine presidential election

29 April 2016 | Bloomberg

Christopher Garman discusses the latest in Brazil's political crisis

26 April 2016 | Bloomberg

Ian Bremmer discusses uncertainty in Saudi Arabia

25 April 2016 | CNBC, "Squawk Box"

Ian Bremmer discusses Apple in China

25 April 2016 | CNBC, "Squawk Box"

Karthik Sankaran discusses the economic risks of a Brexit

22 April 2016 | Bloomberg

Ian Bremmer guest hosts the Charlie Rose Show and discusses Obama's visit to Saudi Arabia

21 April 2016 | The Charlie Rose Show

Callum Henderson discusses the failed talks in Doha, investing in Asia, and the outlook for the US dollar

19 April 2016 | Bloomberg, "Asia Edge"

Joao Augusto de Castro Neves discusses the implications of Rousseff's impeachment for Brazil's economy

18 April 2016 | CNN International

Robert Johnston discusses the fallout from the failed Doha meetings and the future of oil prices

18 April 2016 | CBC

Bruno Stanziale discusses the implications for the OPEC meeting in Doha and the outlook for oil

18 April 2016 | Bloomberg

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