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Robert Johnston on the impact of Venezuelan protests, Mexican energy policy, Keystone XL, and LNG tax on Canadian energy

26 February 2014 | BNN

Leslie Palti-Guzman writes on the progress towards a Russia-China gas deal

23 January 2014 | Financial Times

Ian Bremmer calls the bilateral conflict between China and Japan the "greatest geopolitical danger in the world in 2014."

07 January 2014 | Wall Street Journal

Top Risks is featured in an article analyzing the impact of US disengagement on Britain

07 January 2014 | The Telegraph

Ian Bremmer shares the top risks facing the US & the world in 2014

06 January 2014 | The Takeaway

Ian Bremmer discusses the US's top global risk is America's foreign policy

06 January 2014 | CNBC "Squawk Box"

Jefferson Finch writes on the potential outcome and impact of elections in Honduras

25 November 2013 | Folha de S. Paulo (in Portuguese)

Michal Meidan on expectations from the Chinese Communist Party Plenum

12 November 2013 | Bloomberg "The Pulse"

Clifford Kupchan analyses challenges and prospects for success in the Iran nuclear program negotiations

08 November 2013 | PBS "Newshour"

Chris Garman and Daniel Kerner analyze how the weakened Argentine President will leave economic adjustments to her successor

28 October 2013 | Folha de Sao Paulo

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