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Ian Bremmer discusses Putin's intervention in Syria and the possibility of US sanctions on China

09 October 2015 | CNBC "Squawk Box"

Ian Bremmer explains Vladimir Putin's domestic popularity

08 October 2015 | CNN International

Alexander Kliment discusses Russian and US approaches to Syria

04 October 2015 | MSNBC "Melissa Harris-Perry Show"

Mujtaba Rahman on the Russian intervention in Syria and its effect on Europe's refugee crisis

01 October 2015 | CNN International

Ian Bremmer on Russian military strikes in Syria

01 October 2015 | MSNBC "Morning Joe"

Cliff Kupchan discusses Putin's strategy in Syria

01 October 2015 | BBC "Newsnight"

Nicholas Consonery guest hosts and speaks on the slowdown of China's economy

25 September 2015 | Bloomberg "Surveillance"

Ian Bremmer on China, the Pope's visit, and the Syrian migrant crisis

22 September 2015 | PBS "The Charlie Rose Show"

Samm Sacks discusses cybersecurity and the Xi-Obama summit

22 September 2015 | CNBC "Nightly Business Report"

Mujtaba Rahman discusses the results of the Greek elections

21 September 2015 | Bloomberg "Countdown"

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