Eurasia Group | Scott Seaman


Director, Asia


Asia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea

Scott Seaman focuses on the economic and trade policies and foreign relations of Japan, South Korea, and North Korea. His sectoral expertise includes energy, insurance, and information technologies.

Before joining Eurasia Group, Scott was an assistant vice president at MetLife with responsibilities for government and industry relations in Japan, South Korea, China, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Australia. He previously worked at Cerner Corporation as a compliance senior strategic analyst with a focus on health IT in international markets. Scott was also an international trade specialist in the US Commerce Department's International Trade Administration. While in Japan, Scott held positions in the public relations department of Pasona, a major temporary staffing firm, and in the international division of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. Scott, who holds a doctorate and a master's degree in political science from Duke University, as well as a bachelor's degree in government from the University of Virginia, speaks Japanese and received language training at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Studies in Yokohama. He is an aficionado of Asian history, nihonshu (Japanese saké), calligraphy, and stationery supplies.