Eurasia Group | Karthik Sankaran


Senior Strategist

Karthik focuses on the interactions among national politics, geopolitics, and global asset markets over a variety of forecast horizons. In this capacity, he interacts with clients through daily and weekly products as well as via the executive education program.
Karthik has more than 20 years of experience in financial markets on both the buy and sell sides and is a frequent commentator on market-moving world events in the media and at conferences. He was previously a portfolio manager at Covepoint Capital Advisors, a global macro hedge fund, as well as a currency strategist at AIG Trading Group and Bank Julius Baer. Before entering the markets, he was managing editor of Emerging Markets, a publication distributed at the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank and major regional development banks.  
Karthik holds bachelor's, master's, and master of philosophy degrees in modern European history from Columbia University with a thematic interest in the political economy of modernization. To varying degrees, he is fluent in Hindi, Italian, French, and German. Karthik likes to make bad puns about financial and geopolitical themes, and his twitter handle is @RajaKorman, a reference to a long-dead plan to produce Bollywood B movies.