Eurasia Group | Aditya Bhattacharji


Practice Head, Healthcare


Global Health

Aditya Bhattacharji manages Eurasia Group's healthcare analysis, advising multinational healthcare and life sciences firms on the risks and opportunities stemming from health policy, particularly in emerging markets. He addresses a variety of issues including healthcare reform, innovation, drug pricing, market access, and public health crises, as well as their intersection with global macro themes.

Aditya, who holds a master's degree in biohazardous threat agents and emerging infectious diseases from Georgetown University and a bachelor's degree in biology from the University of Pennsylvania, previously studied health policy, concentrating on infectious disease, and participated in private and public sector symposia and simulations addressing public health emergencies. He oversaw life sciences research projects at Thomas Jefferson University and Monell Chemical Senses Center, where he employed pharmacology and biophysics to study alcohols and anesthetics. Aditya has published his findings in a number of peer-reviewed periodicals, as well as a chapter in the International Congress Series on mechanisms of anesthesia. He is a member of a number of professional organizations including One Health Academy and EcoHealth Alliance. In his free time, he participates in autocross racing.