Shaun Levine

Senior Analyst, Asia
Area of Expertise: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

Shaun Levine Shaun Levine concentrates on political and business trends in Indonesia and Malaysia. His sectoral expertise includes intimate knowledge of Indonesia's natural resources sector, financial system, and political networks. Shaun also keeps a close eye on politics, and several areas of the economy including mining, oil and gas, banking, media, the retail and consumer sector, and the automotive industry.

Prior to joining Eurasia Group, Shaun was based in Jakarta for over five years. He was the general manager of business development at the Lippo Group, one of Indonesia's largest conglomerates, where he helped create the Jakarta Globe daily newspaper. He also worked for Van Zorge, Heffernan and Associates as a consultant where he focused on oil, gas, and media. Prior to joining VZH, Shaun worked at PT Media Nusa Pradana, a media company associated with the political party of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. As an independent consultant in Jakarta he specialized in foreign business formation and government relations strategy for natural resources firms. Shaun has featured as a columnist in several Indonesian language newspapers, including Jurnal Nasional as well as online by the Financial Times and Foreign Policy. He has also served as a panelist for Singapore's Channel News Asia debating the increased role of Islam on Southeast Asia.

Shaun holds an MA in Political Science with a Graduate Concentration in Southeast Asian Studies, and a BA in Political Science from Northern Illinois University.He also attended Gadjah Madah University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia as part of a program sponsored by the United States-Indonesia Society as well as University Sam Ratulangi in Manado. He is fluent in both Indonesian and Malaysian.

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